!! OMG, the dinner party to end all dinner parties: Anna Wintour and SJP for Obama !!

Who would you rather sit next to at this epic Obama fundraiser dinner — Anna Wintour or Sarah Jessica Parker? On the one hand, Anna will have the best secrets to whisper about the other guests in the room, whereas on the other hand SJP will certainly know all the secret passageways in her own home. Tough call.

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8 Comments on "OMG, the dinner party to end all dinner parties: Anna Wintour and SJP for Obama"

  1. Sue? But I thought you were Claudia?
    Ignorance is bliss – you must be very happy. Your generalizations prove your a lefty ho-bag.

  2. @Clarklane. No sweetie, no issues here. I’m just a bit allergic to ignorance. Sue me!

  3. LOL Thanks Phil. Kiss away!

  4. Whew….sounds like Claudia has some issues!

  5. Incompetence? Why don’t you support the Republicans who DETEST gays then, you nincompoop!
    Obama might not have delivered on all his promises, but I would rather give my vote to him than to people who have publicly spewed hatred against gays, minorities etc. But some people ignorance is bliss! Go on, vote on the hand that beats you. Droplul!

  6. @clarklane can i kiss you?

  7. Just what we need – more no-talent Hollywood hags pushing Obama and his incompetence.

  8. uh-oh. SJP forgot to mention Anna Wintour as her co-host? How rude!

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