!! OMG, gossip: First Kim, now Kris !!

Kim Kardashian has cah-learly moved on from her lil’ blip of a 72-day marriage — and now it seems so has Kris Humphries [huffpost]
When you’re on the verge of losing everything, there’s only one place left to go… [dlisted]
Malin Akerman playing Debbie Harry in a movie? Meh [kenneth]
There’s kind of a True Blood glampire thing happening in this new Gucci ad, no? [oh la la]
After the recent resurgence of The Muppets, it seems only right that Fraggle Rock gets its own movie re-boot, too [popbytes]
OMG, Kate Middleton‘s cousin is a stripper! [socialite life]
Did you miss National Doughnut Day? Alas, there’s always next year [celebrity cafe]
OMG, Halle Berry‘s pageant past is only the beginning [after elton]
Some idiot guy is best friends with a grizzly bear — because, you know, that’s gonna work out [double viking]
OMG, new details on the The Killers’ upcoming album straight from Brandon Flowers‘ (gorgeous) mouth [arjan]
Scott Disick looks sooooo happy to be turning 29 — next up: 30! [allie]
Some people are saying Jen Aniston was drunk at the MTV Movie Awards — um, yeah, wouldn’t you be, too?! [celebitchy]
Tragically, the actual cast of Jersey Shore wasn’t asked to be in “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” [joe]
OMG, Channing Tatum doesn’t have very nice things to say about Rooney Mara… [amy grindhouse]
Call it cougar love, but Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks kinda make a cute couple… [tabloid prodigy]
Paul Newman will forever be the best-looking man that ever lived [the berry]
Bravo’s gay count is one tick higher now that Rosie Pierri, the sister of Real New Jersey Housewife Kathy Wakile, has come out on the show [towleroad]

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