!! OMG, The Insinuation: Teabaggers Call Out Republican Senator !!

Holy moley, those teabaggers can be dangerous. Even true-blue Republicans aren’t immune from their crazy-talk anymore. Here, watch Lindsey Graham gets called out by an angry rallyer for being “worse than Barney Frank.”
What in the world could this man be talking about? Well fiddle dee dee! I wouldn’t have the first notion!
For those of you unfamiliar with Lindsey Graham, he and John McCain spent most of McCain’s election campaign sitting on the bus braiding each other’s hair and making friendship bracelets. He’s also a US Senator and just because he has a girl’s name does not mean anything! Seriously! Come on guys!

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  1. LOL! So, I grew up in SC, and I can tell you that among the not-so-naive back home, it’s pretty much common knowledge that Lindsey Graham is a big mo…

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