!! OMG, Lesbians Are Real! !!

Leaping lattés, lanyards, lingonberries, Lincoln Logs and Linda Lingle! Sunday nights will soon be strickly lickly again, because Showtime’s just announced that it’s going to stop being polite and start getting SAPPHIC with an all real version of the L Word, helmed by evil Lesbian overlord Ilene Chaiken. Just in from Variety:

Showtime is reviving “The L Word” — but this time as a reality series.
Pay cabler has greenlit nine episodes of “The Real L Word: Los Angeles,” from “L Word” creator Ilene Chaiken and reality producers Magical Elves (“Top Chef”).
Show will follow six lesbians in Los Angeles as they go about their lives — a lesbian answer to Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise. Project is dependent on casting, the net said; if all goes as planned, “The Real L Word” would debut sometime next year.

Although the network could go any number of ways with casting the show, I’m personally hoping for an all-star lineup featuring my favorite Sisters of the Moon of reality teevee past: Genesis from Real World Boston, Sonja Christopher from the first ever episode of Survivor, that person with impetigo from ANTM, Vanessa from the Tila Tequila show, mean Lisa from Top Chef and of course Brett Michaels of Poison.
Oh, who cares who’s in it– I just hope they’re all as beautiful as Shane, as rich as Helena and as psychotic as Jenny Schecter.

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