!! OMG, the painted lady: Johnny Weir for MAC !!


This should come as a surprise to no one: Johnny Weir is the latest famous face to represent MAC Cosmetics in a campaign called “Glitter and Ice.” How apropos. Weir says he’s been using the line for ages when he skates in competitions and shows, although he plans to sit out the next season out to focus on MAC and his other projects.

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14 Comments on "OMG, the painted lady: Johnny Weir for MAC"

  1. Please guys this is not a place to be PC. Johnny is doing a paid advertisement.What if he were dressed like a tap-dancing cheeseburger or an asparagus would you still say he was not being a good gay role model. Get you butts off the bar stool go to the nearest ice rink and start learning how to do a quad salchow or a triple lutz.Ok butch!

  2. Let him do his thing. Just because it’s not your thing (or mine, for that matter) doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to it. It’s not his responsibility to give all of us a “good name”. And frankly, I take issue with the implication here that being a “limp-wristed sissy” is a bad thing.

  3. Hey Everyone, GET OFF ROBERT! He is exactly right. Yeah, I do feel uncomfortable around guys like Johnny, AND I AM OPENLY GAY! He is just way over the top. He should knock it off and act like what he is, meaning a man.

  4. Ps…why is it that you all jump to the conlusion that, if one doesn’t agree with this kind of behavior, that one is sad, lonely, fat, ugly or a queen? I chuckle, because I’m none of those things. I’m a proud, very good looking gay man…but I don’t need to prove that to you.

  5. You can all ridicule me if you want. He’s a clown for hire who makes us all look bad. Unfortunately, there’s nothing interesting in a “normal” looking gay, so idiots like him will always be in high demand. Sadly, for comic-relief.

  6. Just like Perez Hilton and many others, people like Johnny piss me off…It’s guys like him and Perez that give gay people a bad name…People think we are all pink t-shirt wearing limp wristed sissies because of shit like this

  7. @Robert I’m sorry he doesn’t resemble your ideal gay male. They should all strive to act straight, am I right?

  8. Boy looks pretty in that pic! Sounds like a good deal, good for him.

  9. Sorry, Johnny, but that is NOT a good look.

  10. While i support people right to do what they want, are there certain people you just kind of wish were not gay? Liberace? Jonny Weir? Richard Simmons? It’s not the femininity…..I’ll keep rupual and alexis arquette, It’s the arrogant selfserving flambouyance the I detest.

  11. Robert–get over yourself. The gay community has lots of different types of people, all who deserve to have a voice. The only shame is that you think that someone should be quiet, just because they make you uncomfortable.

  12. @Robert, you sound like a bitter, self-hating queen. it must suck :-(. @Johnny, you rock!

  13. @Robert – What exactly is ridiculous about it? That it doesn’t conform to your narrow-minded Neanderthal, misogynistic conception of maleness?

  14. Can this “guy” get any more ridiculous? It’s a shame that these are the kind of gays that main-stream America is used to seeing…flamboyant clowns.

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