!! OMG, the proof is in the pecs !!

You know why women and gay men are quite certainly not the same thing? I’m referring to the cultural stereotype, not the obvious genital differences. It’s because women (who go to an Ellen taping) find pec dancing stimulating, and gay men do not. In the same way that most women find Johnny Depp attractive, while most gay men do not. Disagree? Discuss.

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6 Comments on "OMG, the proof is in the pecs"

  1. I found that totally cute and not at all a turn off – clearly he doesnt take himself seriously – good on him.

  2. AGREE. Depp is def not on my list of things to do ever. And pec dancing is comedy, its not hot.

  3. Apparently you aren’t aware that the women on the Ellen show scream at EVERYTHING. It is so annoying. On the rare occasion that there’s a guest on I want to see and I record it, I have to keep muting the pointless screams every ten seconds. In real life, my experience has been that most women aren’t that impressed by big muscles; more by healthy fit guys with nice teeth.
    Also, pecs are great but not hidden by clothes. Dwayne Johnson is so not hot regardless. Depp used to be hot but now just looks dirty, and not the fun kind of dirty sadly.

  4. OK, so I agree I’m not all that excited by pec dancing (it’s a cute novelty, but “exciting?” Not so much). But who says Gay men don’t find Depp attractive? I’d give my left nut (and both of my husband’s) just to have Depp spit on me. 😀

  5. DISAGREE! I love pecs. Nothing like a broad chest with great pecs. Always makes me weak!

  6. While you are at it, are there any other giant brush stroke assumptions you’d like to make about various communities?

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