!! OMG, The proof is in the porno !!

While the general consensus based on tons of evidence (and also just common sense!) indicated that the jerk-off video we posted the other day is NOT Ben Affleck, some people need hard evidence when it comes to these things. (And the harder the better, of course.)
Luckily, OMG Blog has the best readers in the world, one of whom put together a handy comparison between the real Mr. Affleck and the jerk-off artist… complete with photographs! Read it after the jump! (NSFW!)
Thanks Kyle!

(Click to make the picture bigger)

Now…at first I started with Pics A and B. I thought the guy in the vid (Let’s call
him John, for namesake) had too round of a jawline to be Ben Affleck. Then I found
Picture D, and saw that Ben’s jaw isn’t too square at all, so I couldn’t base the
comparison on that.
Then, I tried looking at the eyebrows on both ‘John’ and Ben, and found differences,
but…I realised that eyebrows can be changed through plucking and the such, so that
wasn’t reliable evidence.
The strongest evidence I was able to come up with in the comparison, which I think
proves the truth, was the ears and nose. Looking at Picture A, we can see that
John’s nose has a slight ball curve at the tip. Looking at Picture B, Ben Affleck’s
nose is completely straight to the tip. The ultimate truth lies in the earlobes.
Pictures B and D, show Ben Affleck to have earlobes that are more rounded and hang
lower than those of John. I think this shows that we have a really convincing
look-alike pretending to be Ben.

Thanks for the comprehensive analysis, Kyle! While it’s too bad this isn’t Ben, you know, WHO CARES! I actually doubt Ben Affleck is nearly this hot…

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8 Comments on "OMG, The proof is in the porno"

  1. WOW, That does look like Ben…. Either way he is still ugly.

  2. isnt this ben damon? I remember having a mag with this guy in it named ben damon (obviously the name is in reference to…)

  3. ok. I’m convinced.

  4. Another distinguishing feature is the cleft on Ben Affleck’s chin, which the porno model doesn’t have.

  5. that guy’s from ‘Bedfellow.com’.

  6. Also, Ben Affleck has dark moles all over his face, and a cleft in his chin. “John” does not.

  7. It was an illusion to see him doing that i know it was fake buy i´m holding in my illusion on Ben!!!!!

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