!! OMG, their butts: LOOKING’s Jonathan Groff and super butch masc actor Russell Tovey !!

Super butch alpha male actor Russell Tovey and his co-star Jonathan Groff upped the nudity quota once again on the last episode of Looking. Check it out after the NSFW jump!


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11 Comments on "OMG, their butts: LOOKING’s Jonathan Groff and super butch masc actor Russell Tovey"

  1. At least he isn’t screaming like he did in those “Being Human” UK series…

  2. Poor Russell. He (hopefully) voiced an idea in a most inarticulate way and now everyone seems quite down on him. Shouldn’t we give everyone a “get out of jail free” card just once, especially when it’s something as innocuous, and especially after they apologize? And, I might add, shouldn’t we maybe reserve our animosity for those celebrity closet cases who do real damage by hiding their true nature and thereby suggesting that we’re all damaged? At least Russell is and has been out for quite some time, and considering his choice of career, that in itself is an act of relative courage.
    I dunno, I’m feeling generous today. My ire and looting is directed toward those racist fray boys from Oklahoma. Compared to them, Russell’s words seem quite mild.

  3. How cum the butchest of guys I’ve met are always the biggest bottoms?
    It’s gotten to the point that if I meet a guy with a beard and a crossfit membership I can’t help but assume he’s a screaming bottom…cause they always end up that way when I fuck them.
    Femme Bitch

  4. Actually, ChrisM, even the overtly masc gay men (way to throw that in there to make you seem less femme-shaming) and overtly campy one are JUST AVERAGE GUYS. Just because they are not like you, me, or the leather daddy down the street doesn’t make them less valid. Marginalizing them is what has gotten us in to trouble in the first place. I wish we could all just be attracted to whom we are attracted and not feel the need to comment on who others are.

  5. I am not attracted to camp or effeminate guys, but I definitely don’t have anything against them in fact i do like them as my friends. I have nothing against the dancing and prancing if it gives them joy.
    I think Tovey seems like every so horny a guy that every time he sees a guy he likes, he probably wants to shag and his deep seated dislikes towards women prompts him to hate everyone and everything that resembles a women like. Effeminate guys or camps just being in his line of fire.
    Control your hormones Tovey, just see people for who they are and if some day you want to dress up drag, we will cheer you.


  7. Thank god Russell and Jonathan act and talk like two normal blokes. The show would be horrible if it were purses coming out of their mouths.

  8. It’s like Wonder Bread and Rice Cakes with those two, but I still like them both.
    To be honest, I kinda like Russel more because he fucked up a bit.

  9. Haha, nice go at Tovey. Those comments deserve all the scorn that they can get.

  10. Im glad Russell is just an average guy, if he was camp he wouldnt be as attractive, its so off putting.

  11. That sort of snark is why people are glad they arent ‘tap dancing freaks’.
    Most gay men are just average guys, overtly masc gay men are just as bad as overtly camp ones (and are more alike than they care to admit).

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