!! OMG, there’s a fly in it: Schiphol Urinals !!

I’m not sure if these are still at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, but each urinal in the men’s washroom had a fly painted in it. Apparently, if men see a fly in the urinal they aim for it, which helps keep the washroom clean.
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6 Comments on "OMG, there’s a fly in it: Schiphol Urinals"

  1. I also love the Schipol bathrooms as they have full doors on the toilets reducing offensive odors and noises.

  2. Some of the rest areas along I 64 in Virginia have little bees painted on the urinals – now I know what they are there for!

  3. They still have them. I just flew through there in March 2008 on my way to Berlin. Kinda fun, but hey, I love the W/S play!

  4. My mom used to throw cheerio’s in the bowl for me to aim at. And hell, the toilets at IKEA of Orlando have them as well. In fact, were heading up there Sunday so I might as well take some photos.

  5. that’s pretty basic really, in belgium almost all urinals have those painted flies..
    it’s more fun if you have something to aim at ^^

  6. Growing up me and my brothers were so sloppy with pee that my mother started painting bullseyes in nail polish at the back of the toilet bowl. We’d even get a couple bucks as a reward when our piss had completely wiped off the polish.

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