!! OMG, They Fold: Puppetry of the Penis !!

Attention peen-hounds! Gay shaman James St. James interviewed the boys from Puppetry of the Penis, and they were willing to bend their weiners into all manner of contortion for his benefit. Make that our benefit too, cause he brought home a very NSFW video. And it’s after the jump!
[Daily Freak Show]

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4 Comments on "OMG, They Fold: Puppetry of the Penis"

  1. Where is the video? I save it in Delicious and now is gone, please if someone have it please send it to me. Not the censured version of You tube.

  2. i can’t understand how anyone lets James St. James SPEAK, he slurs and runs his words together like he’s on crystal. He is shrill and obnoxious yet he’s all over the place slurring and speed-talking and talking over his guests so he must be fucking someone right…i mean doing something right.

  3. Omg that gay guy was so fucking annoying, those dudes are cute. I can’t believe they’re moms went to see them lol, I would die.

  4. James St. James is irritating, and the camera work is really bad.
    Nice balance: the taller puppeteer is circumcised and the shorter one, uncircumcised.

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