!! OMG, they have no pubes: Billiam !!

UK pop group Billiam put the “boy” back in Boy Band with a semi-creepy nude photo shoot that aimed to combat eating disorders. Why creepy? They’re trying to convince us that they are not only younger than they are, but so young that they haven’t grown pubes. See what I mean after the jump [NSFW].

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20 Comments on "OMG, they have no pubes: Billiam"

  1. tht guy whose cupping in the first pic u gotta think his cock looks small! like look how much hand hes using

  2. has anyone noticed that the black guys dick? in the first photo is along his leg giving him a big bulge along his left leg JUST LOOK

  3. pardon me, but who the hell is this??? I’m kinda thinking it’s totally airbrushed and an entire two seconds away from kiddy porn. ugh. Back to David Beckham…lol

  4. Boy Band?
    Kiddy porn?
    some of these guys do look actually a lot older
    But I’m surprised that a boyband would shoot pictures that look like the cover of a gay porn film… Unless they are an openly gay boy band.
    Anyway we got who the target audience is.
    End shame of eating disorders??
    This makes me want to be anorexic and I’m not even fat.

  5. i like how they are hairless below the neck, but two of them seem to have 5 o-clock shadow in the first picture.

  6. i havent come out yet but, even if i have, this guys whould not in anyway want me to.they are ugly and …ugly give me a really CUTE man!

  7. I don’t know how old they are but if they are trying to pass for prepubescent boys they’ve nailed it.

  8. Shaun Michaels | August 23, 2007 at 7:01 am | Reply

    So homoerotic,might as well be gay porn! Is it wrong 2 be kinda turned on by a few of them? Oh,well…the worlds been wrong 4 centuries! Gotta live! Yummy!!!

  9. Fellas, they’re 12, of course they dont have pubes! If ya want “masculine”; try a “man”!
    (there IS a reason they call them a “boy” band…)

  10. I think they are aliens born with no body hair or genitalia.

  11. hah…yeah ok…maybe this would be more effective if they had an ounce of fat on there bodies and still proud to show it… naked hot fit ppl will only make the problem worse

  12. Ugh! Gross! I hate man-boys…pick a side…be one or the other. I love men…tall, big, muscular, beefy and hairy….YUM!

  13. OMG; I’d Fuck Em’

  14. I think it’s called “SHAVING”

  15. They’re not even that cute…

  16. Who exactly are they marketing to? I understand “SEX” sells but this is a bit much. Must be obviously gay. Honestly folks if you’re marketing to the typical usual purchasing group of pop music 8-24 year olds then you have got to go with the more wholesome image i.e. BSB, N’sync, Take That, Indecent Obsession, etc. Evidently this group has no intention of lasting very long in the industry.

  17. i don’t see how this photo shoot address eating disorders. this photo shoot was nothing more then self promotion….

  18. How does that photoshoot encourage people to get over eating disorders?

  19. WTF “End shame over eating disorders”?!!! What, they want you to embrace your anorexia?! Shout in the streets “I’m here and I’m bulimic!”?

  20. They are sooooooo cute anyway
    maybe they waxed or had there pubes removed some other way

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