!! OMG, they’re bringin’ Skeksis back: ‘The Dark Crystal’ scent line revealed at Dragoncon !!

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With so many celebrity fragrance lines appearing on the market today, who better than to sell out next than Kira from The Dark Crystal? (It was only a matter of time with those cheekbones.)
I don’t blame her though. These days everyone in Hollywood already seems to be getting mixed up in the “dark crystal” (I’m looking at you Aaron Carter), and Lady Gaga has been stealing the UrSkeks’‘ style for years. Why not put some money back into Kira’s pocket?
The folks over at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab obviously are on the same page, because this past week at Dragoncon, they revealed 4 new fragrances from their new The Dark Crystal scent line. The elements of the fourth fragrance could make Boy George‘s landlord blush! Check out the new bottles and each fragrances’ components after the JUMP:


  1. skekZok, the Ritual-Master: An incense of deception: frankincense, opoponax, hyssop, champaca, and opium poppy accord.
  2. skekUng, the Garthim-Master: Brute force and destruction: vetiver, smoke, steel, and dragon’s blood resin.
  3. skekTek, the Scientist: Metal and stone beams of dark light: hyssop, black currant, black viola, passionflower, and myrrh.
  4. skekNa, the Slave-Master: The essence of vile gluttony: an abundance of spices, sweet cakes, thick creams, and opulent liqueurs mixed with the scent of whip leather and rusted padlocks.
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