!! OMG, they’re changing: Credit cards !!

According to this article in The New York Times, many credit card companies are going to start charging interest immediately after a purchase is made instead of giving you the currently-standard 30-day grace period. What you get in return? The same worthless, constantly devaluing air miles you have been receiving for free until now.
I think we may soon see a spike in debit card use among responsible consumers.

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2 Comments on "OMG, they’re changing: Credit cards"

  1. Wow………………
    what a nice Think, And your title is also too cute.Such as I really like it, And hope that It may be liked by everyone.The above statement is seen to be contradictory. The situation is very critical and need an experience complainer to resolve it.This conversation is going no where. It’s lacking the place of a good leader to head the things to come out on conclusion.

  2. This is a good thing, anything that gets society off this debt laden path is a good thing.

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