!! OMG, they’re fighting naked: Celebrities !!

The CELEBRITY EXAMINER has published a list of the Top 10 Greatest Naked Fight Scenes Ever Made. You can see NSFW videos of Guy Pearce, Matt Damon, and Brendan Fraser (back when he was kind of not gross) wrestling in the buff after the jump. They’re not super-explicit but sometimes the thought of one straight man’s ween sliding around the rump of another just off camera is hotter than actually seeing it. Catch them before they’re gone cause they’re YouTubers.

Matt Damon and Brenden Fraser Fight SceneMore free videos are here

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  1. In addition to the fact that they misspelled “Memento,” they left out the best EXPLICIT (i.e., full frontal) man-on-man fight scene ever: the wrestling match between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in “Women in Love.”

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