!! OMG, they’re in trouble: American Apparel !!

Vancouver shopper Trina Campbell’s 13-year-old daughter inadvertently picked up a copy of Butt at a local American Apparel store to a surprising page.
BUTT had this to say:

From what we can tell it’s the special L.A. issue #20…showing a Jeff Burton photograph of Herb Ritts’ former mansion being host to a delicious rimming extravaganza.

I’ve been surprised by a rim-job but never in American Apparel, unless the dumpster in the parking lot behind AA counts…?
Click HERE to read the full story, and see one of Butt’s rim-job photos after the jump. NSFW, obvs.


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9 Comments on "OMG, they’re in trouble: American Apparel"

  1. @ Ian.
    I am not defending it.
    But to go into the AA store and not expect such a publication is a little naive.
    American Apparel has been known to court controversy with their sexually explicit/suggestive ads and with their CEO. A few years back the CEO was accused of conducitng an interview in his knickers.
    The mother is naive. She is the one who purchases and lets her child wear the clothing. In the store there are photos that are almost as explicit as their advertising. How can someone shop in a store, be blind to all of the instore ads, only to suddenly be aware of a magazine stuffed in a backpack?
    Their clothes are trampy and poorly made, in my opinion. They look like what the houseboy would wear on his day off.
    ftr – When I worked in retail and had assembled displays, I know there are Nosy Noras out there. I would specifically put a handwritten note in the pockets explaining why you do not touch the display.

  2. I like this comment below the CBC article: “I was just imaging this woman in a gold lamé unitard. What was she even doing in the store? Probably looking for a reason to be offended.” I think it’s the first comment I’ve seen on CBC’s website that I actually appreciate.

  3. How can any of you be defending this? I’m no prude but this definitely was not the place for such a publication. Grow up!

  4. It’s ART so Shut the F Up.

  5. This is ridiculous! Stupidity like these are what causes society to pigeonhole the gay community as a bunch of perverts. Whoever made the decision to put the magazine in the bag should be fired!

  6. The mom is surprised? hahaha
    She pulled a magazine titled “BUTT” out of the backpack, and opened it up to see what was inside. Did she think it was going to be about smoking?
    Heh, and she purchased the magazine so she could show it off to the media.
    I feel bad for the daughter now. She is gonna get so much grief in school.

  7. Just like sex at the gym, there is a place and a time for everything. A clothing store Ad is NOT the place to see man-on-man action…unless the store is The Pleasure Chest!

  8. Attention, Mom: Your daughter did not “INADVERTENTLY” pick up a copy of a magazine entitled BUTT and the pages did not magically open to that photo. Deal with that.

  9. Oh no! God forbid a 13 year old girl see some human flesh! What will happen to this poor innocent little baby if she realizes that people actually have something other than a shapeless void underneath their clothes!
    Oh the humanity! The unimaginable tortures that would be inflicted on this poor little girl!

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