!! OMG, They’re Mad: Joy and Whoopi walk off The View !!

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg got so upset talking to pinhead Bill O’Reilly about the proposed downtown Islamic Center that they couldn’t bear to share their own stage with him– they walked right off. Talk about restraint! If BIll O’Reilly ever told me to “listen– you’ll learn something” I’m afraid I might punch him in the face.
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12 Comments on "OMG, They’re Mad: Joy and Whoopi walk off The View"

  1. You know it’s funny if a Christian group attacked an institution of the US and later a church was built in that same location you liberal muslim lovers would have a field day. Building a Mosque on Ground Zero is akin to building a shrine to Hirohito outside Pearl Harbour. It is akin to building a statue of the SS or Hitler outside of Auchwitz. It is akin to building a stautue of the Taliban outside a Buddist monastery. This isn’t in the name of diversity it is merely the Muslims building a Mosque in their long tradition of building a Mosque outside areas of victory in war. If not they would not have place it in this area. 70 percent of Americans are against the building of this Mosque the Muslims don’t care. The Govenor of New York was willing to give them another area to build their Mosque the Muslims don’t care. Donald Trump was willing to be this Mosque at a price more then what it was worth and the Muslims don’t care. Wake up dumb liberal gays do you think the Quran supports you, with all it’s commands to stone you and throw you off large buildings it is not your biggest fan. Joy and Whoppi are both idiots as well. They have criticized Christianity up the yin yang, they have set through gross sexism and homophobia on this show but it is when some brave man criticizes Islam that they storm out like the punks that they are. All of this fuels my belief that the Liberals are merely a front for Islamic theocracy and dominance just like the Conservatives are a front for Christian theocracy and dominance. Honestly it makes me more then ever want to move to a truly secular and Abrahamic free civilization like Japan.
    Sayonara baka-Jin!
    From Maria

  2. Shannon was already a troll. This is just shit-icing on the trollcake. Yes, there are millions of idiot Americans who actually believe that bullshit and spout the same hate in the same capslock on the comments for Yahoo news articles and Craigslist. There’s no reason to waste your time on Shannon, however. This person, he or she (always seemed the latter to me), is beyond logic. They aren’t even arguing, they’re performing.

  3. You know, I knew someone who died in those attacks. He worked in Washington and flew to New York the night before for an early meeting, which has been brought forward a day. Can you believe that? Anyway, the point I’m making is that I don’t care if they build a mosque somewhere near Ground Zero. If everytime we were attacked by these idiotic Muslim zealots we blamed all Muslims, surely we’re being more divisive? We run the risk of not only the west-hating reactionaries fighting & hating us, but the millions of sane, decent, kind Muslim neighbours we have who feel as much disgust at what their fellow followers of the faith did. I understand that it looks like they’re thumbing their nose at us, but let’s all stop reacting and think about this for a moment. We are potentially going to make a difficult situation much worse.


  5. Hey Shannon,
    Punch yourself in the face for me. I don’t have the time to deal with you ignorant fear mongering idiots. Go read something aside from The Star or Enquirer and stop watching Fox News for your primary news source. Go outside your small circle of friends and meet people who are different than you and try to have some sort of friendship with them and learn something (diversity). Then you will realize how backwards you really are. Better yet, forget all that and throw yourself in the bonfire at your weekly book burnings.
    All my love,

  6. They should NOT build those mosques!!!!!!!

  7. Hey Anonymous,
    If you would actually like to be taken seriously, how about delivering an argument rather than six sentences of ad hominem attacks.
    If conservatives develop a capacity for logic arguments anytime in the future, please let me know. Then I’d be happy to discuss this with you like grown ups.

  8. Well said Josef. And I agree with Curt. They should be looking at what the citizens of New York have to say, because those are the lives that it would be potentially affecting (if that.) The opinion of some podunk ministry of hate-filled bigots who live across the country should have no weight in this decision, lest we forget the Prop 8 debacle…

  9. Joy Should have stood up and buried one of her high heels right in his crotch before she walked off and Whoopi should have bitch slapped him back to 1787 when she walked past him.

  10. Sorry anonymous, but could not disagree more…I have to listen to the same type of “discussion” from my family. I don’t have a problem with having a disagreement, but when I get the condescending “listen to me and you will learn something”, I stop listening. You would too if I spoke to you that way. Also, I don’t it is appropriate to care what 70& of Americans think about it. 70% of New York City residents? OK. My opinion, as a resident of Fort Worth Texas, should have no bearing on the issue.

  11. Josef (have the guts to post a name) | October 14, 2010 at 1:42 pm | Reply

    He should be punched anyway. Regardless of what you think of The View and the ladies, Bill O’Rielly promotes hate, fear and prejudice under the guise of “I’m just reporting it.” He knows what he’s doing and manipulates his audience under the sham he calls journalism. I’m very much against book burning and censorship, but somebody needs to have a book burial party and bury his nonsense where it belongs. We are diverse society, culturally, religously (or not)and politically. People of all faiths died that day and it doesn’t hurt me (as a Catholic and an American) to have a Islamic CULTURAL Center there. Quit shouting hate and fear and start listening and understanding.

  12. What babies! First of all Whoopi is a loud mouthed jerk. Joy and Whoopi exiting together was very juvenille. The View sucks and the hosts are blathering idiots. Barbara Walters should have retired, like 20 years ago. Egomaniac liberal jerk offs.

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