!! OMG, How Experienced: Mary the Maid !!

There’s a lot of stuff going on today! Perez Hilton has promised to be nice! The Chilean miners are being released and getting free sunglasses. One of them is even involved in a messy love triangle. Gavin Rossdale of Bush/Gwen Stefani’s husband fame reveals that he used to bang a dude! Homophobic NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino used to rent out space to gay bars! Etc etc etc!
But if you want to be informed about the actual news of the day, you’ll just have to google all that stuff. Cause I’ll I can think about is this maid named Mary with five experienced anuses! And here I was proud for having one!
[Craigslist, thanks to Ardi K. for the tip!]

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5 Comments on "OMG, How Experienced: Mary the Maid"

  1. he/she’s trying to get a fuckin job! And she doesnt speack english very well! Oh my this is hilarious. I wish we could watch her piece together sentences like this at the interview. That would be youtube gold! holy hell this is the funniest shit EVAH!!!!! fuckin not.

  2. ah, the pitfalls of machine translation….

  3. años = years
    anos = anuses

  4. It’s cute, but there’s a quite logical reason why she says that she has five anuses.
    The word ‘años’ in Spanish means ‘years’. The word ‘anos’ in Spanish means ‘anuses’. When you type años on an American keyboard, you might replace the ñ with a regular n.
    Babelfish translation on Yahoo translates “años de anos” as “years of anuses”.

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