!! OMG, they’re much alike: Husbands and husbands !!

“I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the very first time I saw husbands and husbands! So that means you love each other. Yeah, they’re much alike. Hey, I’m going to play ping pong now.” What’s it gonna take to make everyone react this way to same-sex marriage? Because I’ll do it, whatever it is.

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7 Comments on "OMG, they’re much alike: Husbands and husbands"

  1. Aaaaand … no one thinks it’s odd that a guy is talking to a kid in a bathroom? It’s just weird.

  2. Hey, if this is old I never saw it, and I must say it’s the most freakin’ adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He is way too cute with his little accent.

  3. That was sooooo adorable! To the parents; you raised an amazing little boy!
    I really don’t understand why gay people can’t get married like everybody else. And the hatred some ppl feel for gay ppl is totally beyond me!!! Things really have to change.

  4. This video is so old….
    It has been posted numerous times
    on many sites after they all jacked
    it from YouTube.
    Why can’t you find relevant and
    current videos to support the same
    topic. How lazy…
    I guess it is easier to just post
    old videos and copy from other sites.

  5. Yes, Shannon, hatred like deriding the penises of every male on this blog for their (perfectly normal) sizes?

  6. OMG! This fella is awesome, I have to steal this videoclip immediately. Thnx for sharing it, LOVE IT!

  7. THIS ALMOST MADE ME CRY!!! This cute is so cute….so innocent..this is an example of what it means to be BEFORE hatred has been taught to these precious little ones!The parents of this little should be told they did a GREAT JOB! I love how he said “Ok…can I play ball now??? You want to come”?…..LOL

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