!! OMG, they’re naked: Best Actress nominees !!

I’ve been bringing you photos of celebrities in states of undress for quite a while now, but it’s all a bit random. You know, whoever I can find, or feel like posting on any given day, that’s what you get.
Now the British, they are more organized than I could ever be, and this is exemplified by the Sun tabloid’s curatorial presentation of all five actresses nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award. They’re all topless! The photos are not current, of course, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless, and so tidy, with the cute title of “Breast Supported Actress.”
Check out the photos here [NSFW]. (via Jossip)

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  1. Does this mean we can cancel the DNA tests?
    How does someone get omg pictures to you Frank. I can’t connect to your tip line.

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