!! OMG, They’re Naked: Dieux du Stade 2010 !!

There’s seriously no happier season here at !! omg blog !! secret headquarters/sex-lair than when pictures from the new Dieux du Stade start leaking. This year, the world’s nudest and sexiest French rugby players are back and better than ever, displaying their ample bosoms, muscular bottoms, and yes– get excited, guys!– even some HOT RUGBY WEINER. Well, HALF-WEINER, but still. Vive la France!

A highly-curated selection of the NSFW pictures is after the jump.


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9 Comments on "OMG, They’re Naked: Dieux du Stade 2010"

  1. Wow! I’m not really into athletic men per se, but these pics are so hot! And that playfulness is really sexy. I think it’s great these guys can show off their goods in a fun way without being inhibited. I guess that’s the ‘european’ advantage.

  2. If people don’t want you Christian it’s because of that “woe is me” attitude. Finding one person attractive doesn’t mean no one else is attractive, so start acting like an adult instead of pouting because people found someone else to be attractive.

  3. (I’m sure you’re gorgeous Christian, not everyone needs to be an Adonis.)

  4. and they are uncut!

  5. if u dont look like this or at least attempt to put down the chips and sodas and cookies and fries and pick up something althetic to do daily, then yes it will be hopless for you. the rest of us are trying hard regardless of whether you gave up years ago, Christian.

  6. @christian. complex?

  7. Since I don’t look like this no one wants me huh?

  8. OH CHILD!! This is really hot!!! perfect bodies and cute guys.

  9. OMG this time its superb!!!

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