!! OMG, they’re naked: Dutch soccer team !!

After the Austrian rugby team stripped in Vilnius the other day, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Dutch soccer team (the GSAVV Forward team to be precise) decided to pose for a nude group photo. They aren’t all totally attractive, but it’s more about the camaraderie.

See the NSFW photo after the jump.
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Groningen Giants nude
(Thanks to CB for the image!)

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25 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Dutch soccer team"

  1. Rick-the-small-cock-enthusiast | April 4, 2020 at 5:01 am | Reply

    I totally agree 🙂 Can´t understand why the coach, player #7 (from left to right) in the top row & guys 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (also from l to r) in the bottom (kneeling) row would cover their junk or lay their hands in a position that would almost certainly keep it from view.
    Even if their cocks were small (or tiny) I think they should stop being so self-conscious, let go of their inhibitions and share a sneak-peek for the camera & (by addition) the world to see (lol 😉 If not for their personal gain, at least for the sake of team spirit & sportsmanship 😉 If you ask me there are very few things as hot and arousing as a small cock dude being comfortable & proud about himself, showing it off and flaunting it for the cameras or any nearby onlookers to see. LUV THAT! 🙂

  2. Foreskin and frenulum have more than 4000 sex-sensitive nerve endings wich dissappear with circumcision ! I am intact, clean, no smegma;when taking my daily shoer I retract my foreskin to wash and soap my glans!And I really enjoy sex!

  3. Nice, I wouldn’t mind being in the showers with all of them after practice…mmm! Nice dicks too, just the way I like them. Love that all of them are uncut, in shape and handsome too!

  4. Black Bottom From America | March 29, 2013 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    I’ve always thought dutch men were the best looking I don’t know what it is about the Netherlands.

  5. Those handsome guys with very attractive uncisrcumcised dicks:I’d like to choose which I would like to do a blowjobe to, and to have sex also! Dont circumcise you newborn baby boys:that is a US irrational custom! Learn from these uncut guys!

  6. hot

  7. Concerned 20 year old | January 11, 2011 at 11:46 am | Reply

    Yes but all of your are missing the point completely, your born with a foreskin your ment to have it plain and simple you want to cut yours off then fine go your hardess , BUT dont you dare sit there and preach that infant males should be circumcised its WRONG period!! No adult, doctor or and individual even a parent does not have the right to mutilate there infant sons period!! For cosmetic reasons hygene or what ever garbage your want to put a spin on it is is wrong you want to cut your foreskin off that your ment to have 21 should be the legal age and not a minute before , not for regionous reasons , but it has to be a personal individual choice. Because its undoable and NO body has the right to dictate over any body elses body the dont have to live with the mutilation the infant /chind that doesnt get a say has to , so shame on any one that ages with circumcise of any one under a legal age and or in general eduvate your self before you judge the foreskin thats been around since the begining of the human race !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. they all look beautiful to me. so pure and milky white. women would pay top dollar for their sperm cuz they’re tall, healthy and pure white. they could make the ugliest woman have a pretty baby. i’d lick their pink ass holes.

  9. C’mon guys! Why the big argument about cut/uncut. I am sure that a sharp knife is a wonderful way to enter the world.
    Besides, you are the one that decides what goes in your mouth. Just say no.

  10. Hilarious how so irate dumbasses get over the fact that they happen to be circumcised. It’s kind of like the guys who say size doesn’t matter…the only guys who say that are all the small 5-inch and less. I’ve never heard of 9 and 10-inch guys utter those words. Anyways, sure, of course, some uncircumcised guys don’t keep their junk clean, no different than some circumcised guys who also don’t keep their junk clean. Tons of my friends, mostly straight are glad they are uncircumcised and nearly all that are wish they weren’t for more size. Ha! There goes that “size doesn’t matter..” right….

  11. Background info: The soccer team is from a student soccer club in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. The soccer club belongs to a student fraternity. Most of such nude pics are taken when pissed. I’ve been there, I have been with that fraternity 😉

  12. Maybe the losers of the UEFA cup will follow suit…

  13. I agree with Shaun Michaels on everything except the umbilical cord comparison. Do u expect the baby to be attached to its mother for its whole infanthood?? lol I think foreskins are gross… I don’t care if it gives u pleasure or it’s what ur born with etc etc… I’ve given oral sex to tonnes of guys but only one uncut. It was gross. And he kept complaining that it was sensitive and sore… I mean come on…
    personal choice I guess
    I wish all soccer teams would do this!

  14. yeah, dollar-skin is quite useless…
    uhh. stupid ass. the umbilical cord is snipped off because it no longer serves its purpose when the baby is born. there’s no comparison to the foreskin, a functional part of a man’s body.

  15. Shaun Michaels | May 18, 2008 at 7:01 am | Reply

    I see ur a jakeoff not in name only! Why does the head need 2 be overly sensitive 2 the point of the slightest touch being painful? $skin serves no purpose. Were all born with umbilicaal cord attatched(which is also slimy,bloody & ugly)but we somehow manage 2 snip that right off. I speak from vast amounts of worldly experience 4 over 20 years:$skins should all go!!!

  16. Yes we all know your opinion Shaun Michaels. Happily in most of the world people wash their privates, and so there is no problem at all with an intact penis. One of the nice things about it is its the way we were made, and the foreskin serves several purposes including keeping the ‘head’ supple and sensitive, especially with age. I can somewhat understand women not knowing much about penises, but when guys have that attitude that uncut cocks are gross, I can only conclude such guys never wash their own selves. Why else would they believe that surgery is required to avoid having a cock that smells/tastes of piss and smegma?
    Hell yeah I’d do most of those guys! I like the confidence most of them show almost as much as the goods.

  17. Shaun Michaels | May 17, 2008 at 6:57 am | Reply

    I fail 2 understand whats so nice about uncut meat? Its wrinkly,ugly,smelly,unhygeinic & looks like slimy worms! Wheres their heads at,are they turtles,is this where Swiss Colony originated from? Does any sane person really wanna go near that with their tongue? Smell piss & smegmas not my idea of excitement! Give me cut every time!!!!So clean,so tasty,so hot!

  18. haha the last time i checked it wasn’t dutchland but the Netherlands or Holland:P but hey i also understand dutchland.

  19. nice all uncut!

  20. shit im going to live dutchland lol!

  21. whoa, what are the odds that every single man on a rugby team would be hung huge?

  22. I am starting to like this trend.

  23. Nice! Cant say any of em have a reason to be ashamed…

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