29 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: ‘Jackass’ guys"

  1. Lady’s if u wanna c my package kik me @liveassclive I would like the compliments

  2. i have fucked wee-man before by the way he is not str8

  3. Oh god I love me some Dave. Looks like he has a nice dick too! Yum!

  4. Chris’ dick looks like that because he is furiously shaking it (like a mad man with a machete). This photo was taken mid sling which explains its distorted appearance.


  6. I think Wee Man Is cute.
    I’d do him if he were my type.
    Little things come in big packages.

  7. whos the one between johnny and pontius

  8. Chris wut happend babe? I’m just gonna forget about this pic and pay attention to ur others. I still think ur sexy as hell. U guys need to stop hating on weeman because he’s cute.

  9. Pontius’ dick looks weird, maybe because when you see dicks that long they are normally already erected.
    Now it looks like he has a flaccid erection.
    He should have made his dick hard before taking that photo, the question is if he still can.

  10. When’s the next Jackass coming out? They can be funny without getting hurt, you know. In fact, the funniest scenes are the ones without poo or puke.
    Jackasses rule!

  11. Pontius’ penis in the picture is a fake. He whips that one out for all the press stuff. If you look at other pictures from Jackass you will see his penis doesn’t flop around like that at all.

  12. pontias is kinda cute and man he has a good sized tool as well lol

  13. not sexy. i like seeing packages, but not sexy.

  14. I dunno, I guess I’m in the minority, but I think Pontius is kind of cute. And anyone who thinks there’s anything wrong with what he has in is hand is full of it. I’m definitely jealous.

  15. You think its debatable if the pics are sexy? You need to get out more. Sexy suggests the pics would make one interested in these guys sexually. No, based on these pics I wouldn’t touch any of them with a ten foot anything. On rare occasion I’ve seen Steve-O look scuzzy hot, but nothing saves a photo with barf and a cigarette.
    Oh, and I thought everyone knew Chris was hanging the way they always go on about it. I know and I’m not a big fan, but that limp thing needs perking up — stat.

  16. Chris Pontias’ junk looks like a deflated baloon. eww.

  17. whats up wit hpontius dick? is it fake or something?

  18. thats funny, theyr all doing whippits…

  19. Pontius, Bam, whatever… Ugliest dick EVER! ewww no no no. I am SO not gay right now.

  20. OMG…Chris’ junk looks sooo messed up. Wtf is wrong with it! I posted better nudie pics on my website of him…

  21. john.. the dude with the machete is pontius.

  22. i like suckey big trouser snake from pontius he so sex like it so hard make big willy so big when it hard like snake cook like good pad prick thai and then lick up so fast long and hard like that white guy ovver there. you like little man? me too so funny but like any such white boy like that so little p like in bangkok boy i see so much of them so many time like cum in face!

  23. yes, where is johnny??
    wee man eww and bam… gross

  24. johnny is soooo hot, i echo the earlier semtiments: why can’t we see his wiener?

  25. I only want to see Pontius and Knoxville..together. What is up with the dude with the machete? his dick is literally dead, like he’s holding a lifeless, deflated snake. Not attractive AT ALL.
    None of them are though, but they don’t have to be, they are all millionaires and don’t have to give a shit about how gross they are.

  26. Sexy, uh, no. But I have seen one of Chris…

  27. ewww….

  28. They’re all kinda freakish! Who knew Chris Pontius was…..hangin’? Where’s Bam and why isn’t JK nekked??? That’s who we all really want to see.

  29. where’s knoxville?

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