!! OMG They’re Naked: Tennis Players! !!

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Jkjkjkjkjk. Actually, I realize all you want is nude, naked pictures of tennis players. So I have obliged. Click through for the NSFW action.

Here’s Tommy Robredo returning a serve in all his nude glory from the deck of some kind of imaginary cruise ship.
I know, I know– simmer down, commenters. I’m aware it doesn’t count as naked if you can’t see the crack, but I still thought the picture was hot. Scroll down for more traditional butt shots, and maybe even some burrito if you’re lucky.
In the meantime, are those Pat Cash’s pubes or is that lady just wearing some weird maribou scrunchy?
Look, an actual butt! Feliciano Lopez reminds us that CRACK IS BEAUTIFUL.
Here’s someone named Rainer Schuttler getting what one can only assume is THE FULL RELEASE.
And little Rafael Nadal in an accidental moon. (Am I the only one who thinks Rafa is actually totally busted? Sorry, just saying!)
Arnaud Di Pasquale gets intimate with a towel in this intriguingly silent Youtube video:

Most erotically, here’s vintage tennis star Don Budge showing off his lush pubic tresses in some old-timey locker room. The good old days!
Finally, because I know you just wanna see some dick (and to make up for that last one), here’s some porn star sitting next to a bunch of tennis balls. HAPPY NOW?

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9 Comments on "OMG They’re Naked: Tennis Players!"

  1. Federer is adorable, but possibly because he’s SO metro. (I know, that’s so 2005, sorry.) Nadal is way better with his shorty new haircut, part of his Federerization, along with sharper clothes and such. Robredo and Shuttler are cute, but barely recognizable in these old pics. And hey – no Fernando Verdasco pics? He did (non-peen) nakie pics for some mag recently (and is a TOTAL hottie!)

  2. It’s true. Rafa is an uggo. So is Federer.

  3. Both Thomas Muster and Michael Stitch have been naked on camera as well.

  4. I was gonna say: NOO PEEEN? But then I was the last pic and had to stifle my self.

  5. Well new guy, B, you rock on the funny scale, product is good too, keep up the coolness!

  6. For those that don’t watch the ATP events they are missing out. 90 percent of them men are hot as any porn actor I can think of. All that grunting and those fantastic legs are must watch tv for me. I even had to learn the game to know what the hell they were doing.
    Nadal’s ass is perfect. I love the bottom half of Pete Sampras, fuzzy and sturdy as two gorgeous oaks in baggy white shorts and tennis shoes.
    I think Andy kind of peaked a few years ago looks wise and maybe play wise. We will have to watch what happens.

  7. Thanks, i guess u like to watch tennis just i like do, because the guys are beautiful! Luv the schuettler pic…also there supposed to be a Haas massage pic as well somewhere a long time ago……

  8. Nadal is a bit of a Butterface, with an emphasis on Butt. That ass of his is a thing of beauty.

  9. OMG Bmad, you’re working, I love it!!

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