!! OMG, they’re naked: The guys of Blue September !!

Blue September is a campaign in the UK to promote awareness of cancer in men. The campaign enlisted five of the nation’s top rowers from Warwick University, who agreed to go naked and smear blue paint on each other for the photoshoot. Yes, really. After the jump, see behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, including some paint-splattered ass shots.

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8 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The guys of Blue September"

  1. if u live in newnan GA and live off of sharpsburg exit and what fuck hard then kik men at heyitsme1012

  2. I’ve been in Warwick University for the past three year, hell how did I miss these guys?!!!

  3. Kevin in cincy | October 4, 2011 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    Nicely Done, Boys. 🙂 Sorry so many shallow haters on here missed the point of the campaign… 🙁

  4. Shannon,
    I feel like what you just said was a contradiction. You’re upset at the sexual nature of this and yet your criticisms just regard the sexual characteristics. Also, since you tend to be incredibly shallow and pick apart any man this website posts, why not submit a picture of yourself? We’ll see how glamorous you are.
    Take a chill pill–I was just being goofy.

  5. What was the purpose of this???? It again makes it seem as if to speak to gay men it has to be SEX ORIENTED…..also these guys were NASTY> PALE….COLORLESS…NO ASS….PENIS….ETC..

  6. @chuck: ehhh? why r u so desperate to see peen on omg blog? just type ”penis” on google and you will see plenty of penises.

  7. We need more of these types of campaigns.
    Men are definitely either too macho or unaware of the dangers of male cancer.
    I’ve spoken to lots of me straight friends and asked them about getting their prostates checked at the doc’s…
    All of them thought that it was far too gay to do.. And that might cost some of them their lives.
    It takes more courage to face your fears than it does to run from them with excuses.

  8. Sad. There needs to be a way of distinguishing between “they’re naked” posts with peen and “they’re naked” posts without peen. I was hoping to get some morning peen.

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