!! OMG, they’re naked: The men of Dieux Du Stade 2013 !!

Here they are, people — the first images of this year’s deliciously naked men of Dieux Du Stade have, at long last, surfaced. (Praise be to the gods.) However, the 2013 lineup comes with one small addition that has devotees of this gay-honored tradition raising their eyebrows: a bare-ass, full-frontal woman.

See for yourself in the NSFW photos after the jump.

Also don’t miss the calendars from 2010 ( andhere), and 2007 (and here and here and here).

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9 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The men of Dieux Du Stade 2013"

  1. Thanks Jules! We’ve also added some links to past calendars in this post. xo Frank

  2. The first calendars had a lot of full frontals. See them at GayArtz

  3. I will report this . This is not good f___

  4. What the fuck! Wheres the cock!!! What is that stupid bitch doing there? She should be provoking hardons
    Only shit yet: no cock is not hot

  5. I totally agree with Chuck, and I’ll take it a step further. What the hell is this continuous propagation of white female beauty as desired other-worldly treasure? They couldn’t even stop at “regular” whiteness, they had to find someone who was damn near transparent! Can we stop with that bullshit already?

  6. At first I thought that the woman was a mannequin, she looked like she was made of plastic.
    In any case, she is hardly full frontal. Her pubic region has been completely blurred out – you don’t see any indication that her genitalia exists at all.

  7. deedle_Dumpling | October 6, 2012 at 10:24 pm | Reply


  8. Honnnney, you call that naked do ya LOL.

  9. F— this. So even in a calendar targeted at gay men we’re perpetuating the double standard that frontal male nudity is a no-no but frontal female nudity is okay? I’m sorry, but butts just don’t do it for me. Be men and show us you cocks.

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