!! OMG, They’re Not What They Seem: Crazy Christians !!

Okay, so it’s happened at least four times lately and twice this week that I’ve found an internet artifact that at first appeared to be the hilariously psychotic work of Krazy Kristians and then slowly (or not so slowly) revealed itself as a godless liberal homo joke.
Now listen: I think crucifix-eyed Christian lunatics are just as lol as the next godless liberal homo does, but anyone can make fun of these obviously crazy people. It’s really not hard! These spoofs are played out, too obvious, and get my hopes up. Enough!
Next time you see something that appears to be the hopelessly out-of-touch work of outrageously uptight religious prudes, ask yourself: was this video actually made and conceived by smoked-out gays at a giggle party? If the answer is yes, feel free to laugh, but don’t send it my way, cause I only want the real shit.
(We’re agreed that the above video is completely fake, right? Or do Christians have a better sense of humor than I gave them credit for?)

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4 Comments on "OMG, They’re Not What They Seem: Crazy Christians"

  1. Now can we talk about why Mr. 20-something Steriod User is trying to have sex with the pre teen?

  2. I like how that hot guy smells his pit! Hot!!

  3. I did read the description. I still don’t buy lines like “Nancy! My Precious Moments are listening!” It comes off as both too purposely out-of-touch (naming two teenage girls Barbara and Nancy?) and too parodic. (The above line.) Proof please!

  4. If you were in doubt all you had to do was read the description info. It is real. So, yeah, some Christians are actually funnier than you give them credit for. Smarter too, apparently.

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