!! OMG, They’re Offended: Racists !!

Guess what?! I have no idea whether these people are racist or not! But based on the number of republicans who voted in favor of gay marriage in New York last week (oh, by the way, that’s ZERO!) I’m willing to bet that these people are all total homophobes! And isn’t that basically the same as being racist!?

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7 Comments on "OMG, They’re Offended: Racists"

  1. Wow… first of all, it staggers the mind that we gave George W. 8 years, yet after only one for Obama, we’re all convinced that he’s the worst president in history. Can’t we at least give him a full term to judge? Why is he the worst president ever? Why is wanting everybody to have healthcare such a bad thing? We’re required to have auto insurance, yet nobody blinks an eye. The government is already such a big part of our lives, yet we shrug that off. Yet a plan to cover everybody in this country medically, and God forbid, it’s the end of the world. I think there are people in this world who will bitch and moan about anything, and if they can’t find something, then they will make it up. Sit down, shut up, and give the man a chance before you sign him off.

  2. I thought the video was…enlightening. But even more so are the comments toward the blogger; if you don’t like what’s posted, why are you reading it? Why are you adding fuel? The object of this kind of blogging is to inspire public dialog – honest, critical, accepting and encouraging dialog. If words could kill you all would definitely be in Angola or San Quentin. But, then again, this is America so we can say and do as we please, right? Riiiight.

  3. Jimmy Carter used to impress me not as a president so much as a human being thanks to all his work for humanity after leaving office. When he pulled the slanderous “racist” comment out of his ass he lost a lot of respect in my book and has hurt human relations back a little bit more. If the opponents of nationalized health care are racist for not supporting an African/European-American’s health care plans then they must have been all for it when a European-American proposed it first–Bill Clinton. The reality is that most of the people against it now were against it then and the ethnicity of the president had nothing to do with the opinions. Rather than try to win (or lose) in a fair debate the Dems have decided that slander was the way to go.

  4. Racist? Don’t know about that. But I guess they’re stupid…

  5. I’m not racist, I hate his white half too!
    Barack Hussein Obama will go down as one of the worst things to ever happen to the USA.
    I agree with David on here – every time you open your mouth here about politic or ‘gay rights’ you prove your ignorance…stick to mindless drivel. You keep forgetting that there is not right not to be offended, but there is a right to free speech.

  6. I’m not racist…I hate his white half too! Barack Hussein Obama is going to be a one of the worst episodes in our history.
    I agree with David here…just shut up about politics. You just prove your ignorance.

  7. What a stupid argument. I’m so tired of your “point of view”, if one can call it that, I find myself offended at almost all you say. As a gay man, I have got to finally tell you you are full of sh*t and I could care less about your political views. I am embarrassed for you. Everytime you open your mouth about gay rights and your views on haow we ALL should agree with you, you set the movement for recognition and respect for gays back two steps. Start a new blog if you want to expouse your supposed insight into the human condition. This site has gone to hell in a handbasket since you took over. Your neither intelligent or funny. So stop trying to be either. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re stupid, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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