!! OMG, they’re taking it off: Mormon sacred underwear !!

Tonight at midnight is the launch of a site that is carving out a completely new niche in the crowded field of amateur jerk-off sites. Mormon Boyz (link NSFW) will feature real Mormon missionaries stripping down to their sacred underwear and pleasuring themselves for the camera.
As an extra-special bonus, after a couple months, Mormon Boyz will be auctioning off the actual semen-splattered sacred undergarments to the highest bidder.
The site launches tonight to coincide with the Mormon General Conference.

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7 Comments on "OMG, they’re taking it off: Mormon sacred underwear"

  1. Sorensen, Mormon boys latest bottom has one of the finest ass’s on the planet. Oh man, hope to see him being fucked and bred A Whole Lot More!!!

  2. LOL “real Mormons”, surrrreee./. about as real as those “real straight boys” sites.

  3. Real or not, I’ve been waiting on this shit for years yo

  4. I don’t think it’s an April Fools as they’ve been promoting this for weeks, and for what then? I guess we’ll see, but that Sacred Underwear looks real to me!

  5. HaHa! April Fool
    But, seriously, the Mormon missionaries’ visit is such a natural setup for porno.
    According to QueerClick, though, there isn’t much —
    [Site NSFW Duh!] Where Is All The Mormon Porn?

  6. April Fools or not, it’s hilarious that the layout of the web site is exactly like Sean Cody’s…

  7. Smells like a dirty April fools joke to me!

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