!! OMG, They’re Together: Beyoncé and Gaga !!

Beyoncé – Video Phone (Featuring Lady GaGa) from Peter Kay on Vimeo.

In case you missed last night’s premier of Beyoncé’s Video Phone, featuring Lady Gaga, here it is! I have a feeling it will be taken down soon, so watch it while you can.
The video starts out kind of interesting (hi Greenpoint!) and then just reverts to a bunch of typical Hype Williams crap. With the Single Ladies video being the exception that proves the rule, videos featuring girls writhing around in empty studios are just not that interesting, no matter what their outfits are like or how saturated the colors are.

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4 Comments on "OMG, They’re Together: Beyoncé and Gaga"

  1. So Gaga sings on Beyonce’s re-packaged CD in a song called “Videophone,” and Beyonce sings on Gaga’s re-packaged CD in a song called “Telephone.” Is B going to appear in Gaga’s video too? Because IMO Gaga got the better end of the deal — Telephone is a much better song than Videophone. This feels more like a reject from Beyonce’s Bidet — I mean B’Day — album; even this video has the same feel. She looks good with the Betty Page wig though.
    And is it me, or Gaga is a spray tan away from looking like Donatella Versace?

  2. it’s like Beyonce thinks everyone loved the Single ladies video so much that now all her videos have to look like that. and she was trying to inject some Gaga craziness into her style and it does not work. I do like the song though, definitely some ghetto booty popping music for the clubs, and Gaga looks so cute trying to be street.

  3. good point. i guess i’ve always heard it misused and just assumed it wasn’t even supposed to make sense. embarrassment!

  4. Please stop misuing the phrase “exception that proves the rule”. No parking on Sunday proves that the rule that parking is allowed the other 6 days of the week. The fact that Single Ladies is a great video does NOT prove the rule that women in an empty room make a boring video – it actually disproves it.
    Thank you for listening to my OCD inspired rant.

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