!! OMG, this is why we’re miserable: The 21st Century !!

Cracked has made THIS LIST of reasons why we’re all f*cking sad-sacks in the era we were supposed to be enjoying a never-ending stream of martinis from an army of robot slaves. Some of the reasons are the lack of annoying people in our lives (cause we are able to avoid them online), shitty text-message interactions, and not having to go to funerals with your friends.

There’s one advantage to having mostly online friends, and it’s one that nobody ever talks about:

They demand less from you.

Sure, you emotionally support them, comfort them after a breakup, maybe even talk them out of a suicide. But knowing someone in meatspace adds a whole, long list of annoying demands. Wasting your whole afternoon helping them fix their computer. Going to funerals with them. Toting them around in your car every day after theirs gets repossessed by the bank. Having them show up unannounced when you were just settling in to watch the Dirty Jobs marathon on the Discovery channel, then mentioning how hungry they are until you finally give them half your sandwich.

Ugh, I hate the present.
Scooped from Justin.

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