!! Gaymes !!

!! OMG, Scorn, a new H.R. Giger-inspired game its on its way! !!

This looks awesome! It’s been years since we’ve found a game with H.R. Giger-esque qualities (the man responsible for dark ALIENS’ design) It looks like my insides after eating Taco Bell. A dystopian world without TUMS! Take a tour of the nightmarish world of Scorn in this gameplay walkthrough video featuring the voice of Doug Bradley (Hellraiser). Find the trailer after the jump! Serving DARKSEED, bigtime!


!! OMG, gaymers: ‘Logjam’ is the new BEAR ICON of the videogame world !!

Gay video game creator Robert Yang, creator of Logjam describes the game as

“a short small game about a middle-aged lumberjack daddy processing wood and other hard things…. It’s a simple work simulator with a burly stripper and occasional twists.”

In it, you use your mouse or controller to move the axe up and then bring it down just as an axe icon at the bottom of the screen crosses over the middle of a diagonal line. You get points for each even cut, and as the outdoor temperature gauge increases, the lumberjack might shed his hardhat, workshirt and jeans.

“I thought it would be funny for the player to have zero control over their character’s nudity,” Yang writes. “He will undress at his own pace. He’s union! If he’s not stripping fast enough for you, well, tough! (In this way it’s also a gesture toward sex workers’ rights.) He’s happy to take off his clothes but it will be on his terms in response to his environment. As the sun sets, it gets colder, so he’ll put on his clothes again, too bad.”

What’s not to love? Check out the trailer after the jump. Now, where’s the game about the screeching, white wine-chugging twinks!?


!! OMG, WATCH: There’s a new LOTR: Gollum video game coming out, and it has a trailer !!

Since we already FEEL like Gollum after being stuck inside for the last two years, — finally you’ll soon be able to LIVE like Gollum in this live-action cinematic game GOLLUM: The Untold Story which has just been teased at the 2021 Game Awards.

This is some shit we can get behind. Not enough villain games out there and there’s really not enough retinol cream in the Shire to stop his lifestyle from becoming our true destiny. Check out the trailer above!

!! OMG, dystopian Cat video game STRAY shares new gameplay footage !!

A game that centers around a kitty living in a cyber-dystopian nightmare!? Sign us up. This is enough to get us to buy a Playstation in time for winter this year…Via GameInformer:

Though the game seems poised to become an indie darling, probably fueled by the internet’s well-documented love of cats, we didn’t know much about Stray before today. First shown at Sony’s PlayStation event last summer, Stray’s announcement trailer communicated two things very well. One, Stray has a cat in it – that sometimes wears a tiny backpack. Two, the game’s fearless feline inhabits a grim cityscape populated by mechanical beings. Humanity, it seems – if several graffiti messages in the trailer are any indication – has met with some unkind end. Between the game’s intriguing, though foreboding, world and its adorable character, we were eager to see more.

Check out the brand new look at STRAY above!

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