!! OMG, tight squeeeeeee !: ‘If it Fits, I Sits; The Supercut’ !!

______ The cat jumps in the hat, the fox jumps in the box, the pup jumps in the cup, and the foal jumps in the bowl…OK the foal so doesn’t jump in any bowl but the kitty does climb inside a teacup, and then another in a Croc shoe [please piss in there, a horrible poisonous piss that won’t wash out and makes them -if at all possible- even more unwearable].
The Bull Dog pretending he’s all dainty and wee when he’s ripping the seems of that -already reinforced- Mountain Equipment Coop corrugated flat-pack ?! What a twinkle-toed angel he is there !
It’s like all these fluffy heads just want you to pop them in a Chinese takeout box and eat their cute faces with a pair of spring mechanized chop sticks, except that running-jump-and-slide cereal box kitty, he wants you to pour full fat milk on his head and munchkin away at him for breakfast !
[via huffpost]

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