!! OMG, tight squeeze: Shapewear for men !!

Apparently, so many men have started wearing Spanx that 2(x)ist felt it was time to get in on the action. And here I thought 2(x)ist was all about making the tiniest undies possible. So here’s my question (one that I suspect Spanx-wearing women have long grappled with): what happens when you wear them on, say, a date and you end up back at his house? Do you excuse yourself to the bathroom to wiggle out of your suction-cup fat holder? This is why I haven’t bought those padded butt undies either.
(via Gawker)

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4 Comments on "OMG, tight squeeze: Shapewear for men"

  1. I agree with KC… let’s see what the puppy can do for someone who really NEEDS to be held and tucked. Not someone with 6-pack abs.

  2. I love when they show a thin model wearing the it as if they really needed it in the first place lol

  3. International Male has sold that thing for 20 years or more. lol

  4. That’s EXACTLY what I would do.

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