!! OMG, tiiiiiiny: One (adorable) man’s NYC apartment !!

I spent most of this video wondering whether I’d be impressed or horrified by this guy’s apartment were he to bring me back from a bar one drunken Saturday night. Items in the impressed column: he’s cute, he built most of his furniture, we could make geeky glasses love together, he owns a circular saw. Items in the horrified column: he pays $800/month for that, he keeps his cologne next to his tea bags, he shares a hall bathroom with three other people, he hung a mirror over his desk…so he stares at himself all day.
(via Refinery29)

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13 Comments on "OMG, tiiiiiiny: One (adorable) man’s NYC apartment"

  1. My parking space just hit 700/month. So I guess this is a little nicer than that because it has walls and a bathroom.

  2. He mentions he does architecture work, I thought they made quite a bit, seems like he could afford a little more to me.

  3. https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkP6LRksJNeqj77FwL8-HH8GYANpHzwbd8 | August 5, 2011 at 11:34 pm | Reply

    He could definitely add more shelves to the space or rather put the mirror elsewhere and use the space above the desk for storage. The bed is a nifty idea. I’m curious what the door by the window was. Another closet? I think I could live without a kitchen if I had my own bathroom.

  4. That guy is rad. I work on photo shoots in typically, large, luxurious houses. There are SO many times when we’re looking for the next shot, asking the homeowner if it’s ok to shoot in one room or another- and very often I’ve heard this answer, “oh sure, we haven’t used that room in months”. His concise, perfunctary style of living should be an inspiration to everyone.

  5. what a great story about minimalist living in a capitalist/materialistic society. home is where the heart is and obviously this guy sees his place a charming welcome to limiting his lifestyle in its barest essentials. i agree that we become emotionally attached to superficial items that define us so we can feel like we can identify with others. clearly he defines himself by the lifestyle he leads and not the material wealth he has or doesn’t have. kudos to you my friend. (now after watching this i believe it’s time to clean out my closet of sh*t i don’t need!)

  6. Could tell he’s a twink…a Vitamin water and an orange in the fridge…

  7. Oh. Hell. No.

  8. Before leaving in Jersey I would totally pay $800 for that place!! What i believe it is insane is to live in NJ!

  9. Elizabeth is right. I lived in a teeny-tiny studio in Silverlake (though it would be considered a house compared to this), and it was extremely liberating. Having so little to deal with led to less attachment to material things, and therefore more time spent outside having real experiences. Yay! (Though I did have a few dates who never called back after seeing the place. But you don’t wanna date a materialistic a-hole anyway [or at least, I don’t want to…]).

  10. Uhm, yeah
    I was both enthralled and horrified while watching that. Though not my type, I think I would go home with him for a 1 night fling just to fuck like crazy in that place and bang heads on the walls.

  11. But you weren’t paying 800 a month in Kenya, brother. I’d live in Jersey and take the train in. I love listening to people rationalize their insanity.

  12. I have always lived in small places and in some ways, it is very liberating. It frees you from being defined by your stuff. And it gets him outside and doing all of the great things there are to do in a big city like NYC.
    P.S. : he should put shelving over his bed (i.e. when its in the folded up position). He could fit in at least two shelves there coming out just far enough to cover the edge of the bed.
    P.S.S. : I disagree with the stain on the furniture. I always preferred a lighter stain or to use pine and a clear varnish.

  13. FernLaPlante | August 3, 2011 at 2:56 pm | Reply

    First of all it should be illegal to charge $800 a month for 78 sq. feet. Secondly he is an idiot for paying that amount.

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