!! OMG, To Whom it Concerns: Sara Gilbert gets a daytime talk show !!

Move over Rolanda, Carnie Wilson, Faith Daniels and Gabrielle Cartreris: there’s a new hostess on the block. Oh wait… they already moved over? Oops! Well continuing: everyone’s favorite Conner sibling, Darlene, (aka actress Sara Gilbert) is getting her own talk show.
Ms. Gilbert, who has blossomed since we last saw her from from a sourfaced goth teen caterpillar into a lesbian mommy butterfly, was given the show over other competing actresses due to the recently implemented law that all talk show hostesses must be Daughters of Sappho.
The show will focus on parenting (zzzzzs!) and will feature panelists such as CBS HBIC Julie Chen, forgotten sitcom actress Holly “Dont Call Me Robin Givens” Robinson Peete, Scientologist loon Leah Remini and the ubiquitous Sharon Osborne.
The show replaces the departing As the World Turns, which, boo-hoo except I only watch Days and sometimes AMC so who cares.
[Via Joe. My. God.]

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