!! OMG, trailer: A sexually frustrated Meryl Streep in ‘Hope Springs’ !!

In “Hope Springs,” Meryl Streep plays a middle-aged, middle-American mom dissatisfied with her middle-aged, middle-American sex life. Go figure. So she and the ol’ husband — played by Tommy Lee Jones — seek out couple’s counseling from Steve Carell (or rather, his character, because wouldn’t that be weird), who assigns them all sorts of touchy tasks. The best bit from the trailer has to be when Meryl is snooping around a bookstore looking for “Sex Tips for a Straight Woman from a Gay Man” — a copy of which should be on every peen-lover’s bedside table, amiright?
(via Out)

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3 Comments on "OMG, trailer: A sexually frustrated Meryl Streep in ‘Hope Springs’"

  1. Looks very funny!

  2. Haha! This movie could be made so much shorter if she simply went out and bought a rampant rabbit… rectified my sex life the minute I got my hands on it! lol!

  3. i’ll watch meryl in anything. besides it’s refreshing to see a hollywood formula film that looks to be a notch above the average dreck. it can’t (and shouldn’t) be all art house, foreign, or indie. count mein!

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