!! OMG, how ready for the drag stage: Ciara ‘Work’ !!

Here’s a little Work for your weekend. Something tells me all the fierce drag performers that inspired Ciara’s new video for “Work” will be picking up a few moves after they see this one.
UPDATE: Something bothered me after watching this video in that I felt I had seen Ciara’s look before. Check out the video below of Fritz Helder and the Phantoms, and tell me that Ciara is not totally biting Pastel Supernova’s style and dance moves (particularly around 00:52).

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  1. Well, I think you can blame Ciara’s stylist instead of Ciara herself for “copying” Pastel’s look. But I actually think the whole video looks quite retro — the white tank top/ ripped stonewashed jeans, the tight vinyl dress with Azzedine Alaia inspired boots, throw in some Gaultier-for-Madge black strappy leotards — maybe 90’s? Then all of a sudden it looked very ANTM when she put on that red dress and hung on the wire or posed in front of the tractor… It’s like there’s not one original concept to the video at all… Still, I think the suburban drag queens will all be shuffling in their stilettos the next time they go out…

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