!! OMG, ‘True Blood’ season finale preview !!

If you found Sunday night’s episode of True Blood a little slow (and Evan Rachel Wood’s vampire queen totally unconvincing), the show may redeem itself with the season finale. (via l.a. rag mag)

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2 Comments on "OMG, ‘True Blood’ season finale preview"

  1. I think the casting people assumed that since she slept with Marilyn Manson for awhile, she had some sort of innate abililty to be vampiric. They couldn’t have been more wrong. She was the worst actress I’ve yet to see who somehow has a career. It was embarrassing to watch! I’m hoping that the presence of Eric overshadows the craptastic acting that was Sophie Ann! I’m definitely psyched for the finale!

  2. I’m not going to watch the above trailer, as I’d like to be surprised when the episode airs, but I’m SO happy that you said you don’t think Evan Rachel Wood was convincing as the vampire queen. The casting agent TOTALLY missed the mark with that one! I feared I was missing something and was the only one who thought so. Thanks Frank!

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