!! OMG, turn that shit off!: “Mothers Against Molly” & The “Ban EDM Now” movement !!

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So, it’s super cute that North America decided to re-discover dance music in Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Swedish House Mafia and rename it “EDM” under one big, canopy umbrella genre. It’s also neat that now it’s a thing in hip-hop to talk about “Molly”, and every bro and their (dawg?) at your office is asking if they can get some. But there’s a group of people who don’t find it cute or neat at all. They are a Fellowship Church Of Christ group by the name of “Mother’s Against Molly” (Not to be confused with Moms Over Miami).
Not only is their name working for me, but they mean serious business! The moms have started a “Ban EDM Now” fanpage and petition (not to be confused with the Ban Paris Hilton from EDM petition), in which they call for the US government to step in and ban electronic dance music altogether. Their petition on whitehouse.gov already has 45 signatures, so they only need 99,995 more to go before the government has to treat this as a real issue. To be fair, there have been recent incidents like the ones at Electric Zoo that cause concern with recreational drug use and partying, but is M.A.M. right in asking to ban “EDM” altogether?
Do you agree with M.A.M.? Do you think “Molly” forced Miley Cyrus to “twerk” and to chop all her hair off? Should Obama and the US government step in and ban “EDM”? Check out some of Mothers Against Molly’s rants and decide for yourself after the DROP, errr JUMP:

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