!! OMG, coming soon: TWIN PEAKS soundtracks set for vinyl reissue via DEATH WALTZ !!

Death Waltz Recordings, the label fast becoming known for curating and reissuing classic horror soundtracks on vinyl, have announced that they will be reissuing the soundtrack to the first season of Twin Peaks as well as the show’s prequel feature film, both produced by Angelo Badalamenti.
One of our favourite things about Death Waltz‘s reissues is the care they take in their vinyl presentation, pressing colourful vinyl like this one for Season Of The Witch. For the Twin Peaks releases (via Fact Mag):

The former will be pressed onto cherry-coloured vinyl while the latter comes on coffee-coloured vinyl – a fan-pleasing detail that references Agent Dale Cooper‘s favoured sweet pie and hot beverage, respectively. Release dates and artwork haven’t been revealed yet, but Hickman notes that the sleeves are “approved by David Lynch himself”.

While we wait for an official release date, we can look forward to reissued soundtracks for B-movies Slumber Party Massacre and Forbidden World up next! Keep an eye on the Death Waltz Recordings page for more info!
[via factmag]

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