!! OMG, twins: Ryan Gosling and Mason Wyler !!

Looking at these side-by-sides makes me wonder more than I have already about Ryan Gosling‘s potential for starring in new movie genres. His resemblance to star power-bottom Mason Wyler is startling.

Check out the less-safe-for-work photos in the series over at new gay blog The Sword, and welcome them to the blogorhood!

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9 Comments on "OMG, twins: Ryan Gosling and Mason Wyler"

  1. The idea that these two guys are one and the same, is nice not to mention extremely hot, but compare the pics closely: Different ears and eyebrows, Ryan’s face is smaller than Masons.
    On the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice to have sex with Ryan the same way Mason does have in the movies he had made so far?

  2. AH! Major disagree. I think Mason Wyler is kinda gross looking. I couldn’t tell you why.
    Ryan Gosling, on the other hand. . .

  3. Oh God, we’ve seen Mason being fisted, pissed, swallowing cum, massively fucked that’s difficult to imagine himself acting another way somewhere else ^^
    I wonder if he can even stand up after some of those films he’s done!

  4. Ryan’s so cute, and Mason is too. Too bad he’s a porn star. He looks like good bf material.

  5. no i don’t see it…

  6. I just don’t see it.
    Let me put my d**k up their a** and I will let you know if there is a resemblance.

  7. OK, maybe in the second pose… they look a little similar, but in that first pose you are really stretching it.

  8. I must be living under a rock….who is this guy? He is hot as all get out…(that has to be the corniest thing I have ever said.)

  9. Holy shit- new favorite! He’s hot.

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