!! OMG, two new Mariah Carey videos came out this week !!

I’ve been looking forward to the video for Mariah Carey’s “Up Out My Face” ever since photos taken on the set showing Mimi and Young Money’s Nicki Minaj entombed in Barbie packaging surfaced online last month. Though the hilarious side ponytails, campy nurse costumes and Minaj’s charismatic performance live up to the advance hype, the video’s frenetic pacing feels out of step with the song’s mid-tempo beat. “Up Out My Face” might’ve been co-directed by Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon, but it looks like it was edited by Mariah’s pet dog Jackson P. Mutley.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s post about Toni Braxton’s new club jam “Make My Heart”, it is now standard procedure for R&B divas to release two singles at once to maximize chart performance. Thus we also have a video for “Angels Cry”, another Carey-Cannon co-production, this time featuring an appearance by Ne-Yo. Doused in her latest fragrance “Forever” and suited up in glittering gold boots, Mimi mashes-up two familiar formats that we have come to know and love: the “in recording studio” video and the “R&B downpour” video. Personally, I think they should’ve just set off sprinkler system in the recording studio and filmed the result.

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4 Comments on "OMG, two new Mariah Carey videos came out this week"

  1. i like mariah and everything but her music absoulutly sucks, shes just resting on her name now and her music is shit!!!
    cant she make something catchy and radio worthy cause the barbie doll one was unbearably bad
    lady gaga for president!

  2. I can’t believe how low mariah has fallen..
    She use to be so cool.. 🙁

  3. Don’t be hating on Mimi! Love it!

  4. you’re hilarious

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