!! OMG, how busted: The ManCrunch Super Bowl ad !!

Yesterday’s post about the rejected gay Super Bowl ad raised a few questions for me, most importantly what the f*ck is ManCrunch and how can a dating site that no one has ever heard of afford to make a commercial– much less pay for it to air during the Super Bowl? The answer to the first question is now clear, cause just as I suspected the ad looks like it was made for $5 on the abandoned set of some educational Canadian TV show from the ’80s.

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11 Comments on "OMG, how busted: The ManCrunch Super Bowl ad"

  1. I agree that they intended the ad to go viral and not actually air. Also, the street signs on the wall are very clever.

  2. Well, you’re talking about it aren’t you? I would be highly suspicious that they ‘attempted’ to get it on air, it was rightfully rejected (VERY poor quality!) and then they get all the free publicity from the sycophant press … lousy ad, brilliant agency I would say. (Does anyone actually watch the Superbowl anyway?!)

  3. Y’all’s hatas. That was beautiful.

  4. I look forward to the day when my gay and lesbian friends will stop being the butt of juvenile jokes.

  5. The only good thing about this horrific ad is the blond guy’s ass.

  6. Exactly. I’d fire that ad agency quickly, but doubtful they had the money for one. It’s so easy to make a cool funny commercial on the cheap without it looking like that.

  7. No wonder they rejected it. People are not comfortable with the thought of 2 men kissing on the tv like that yet. I understand some of the hetero crap that they put on there is like that, but there is a better way to get their point across without being so in your face about it. Less is more in our case for this one. I am glad they tried to get a commercial on there, but this was not the best way to do it. Yes it was funny… but just not the right time to be that in your face with 2 men getting it on.

  8. This is one of those commercials people are talking about? How does this promote the idea of using a dating site? Was it to be funny? Sorry, but FAIL! What’s next? Them using a restroom somewhere and having Senator Craig tapping his foot!

  9. That was pretty funny.

  10. omg, i love it! too bad it won’t air.

  11. What exactly is this ad trying to say? Potato Chips make you gay? And what’s with a gay dating site using the tired old guys kissing + funny reaction = comedy equation? The Snickers ad from a few years ago was less homophobic. Epic Fail.

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