!! OMG, UMBRELLAGAANZAAA!: April showers with LN-CC & Tell NoOne !!

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As I sit here writing this, it is -of course- pissing down outside; it being April and all, and it gets me to thinking maybe I should just blooming buy myself an actual real working umbrella and stop using that one that I stole from Chuck-E-Cheese, which was obv left there because, erm, it doesn’t even serve the function of keeping the rain off or it’s other function of NOT turning inside out every time somebody even whistles near it or blows a kiss in a 5 mile vicinity of this cheap-ass crap-trap.
Maybe I should just go all out and buy a beautifully hand made Rugger/LN-CC brolly [below], or maybe I’ll just nab another cheap-o inside out practical joke brolly [above] from the carpark under Chuck-E’s…again

[via selecticism / nowness]

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  1. WOW! This is the first time I am seeing a handmade umbrella. Beautiful!!

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