!! OMG, watch a model… modeling !!

If we’ve learned anything from Tyra Banks‘ many lessons on ANTM, it’s that every moment is a potential photograph. Look left and SNAP. Move to the right and CLICK. And, of course, one must always, always smile with the eyes.
My vote for America’s Next Top MALE Model (ugh, I keep waiting for this show to happen), goes to model Michael Mendieta — at Edge Models — for both his camera-conscious moves and his “I could give a f*ck” sex eyes. After you’ve seen Michael in motion, follow the jump for still shots of some of his work.


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2 Comments on "OMG, watch a model… modeling"

  1. joking, right?

  2. Actually they once did have a male version of ANTM, although it wasn’t related to the same company, and was called Manhunt, and it was everything i hoped it would be and more, it was hosted by Carmen Electra in 2004, on Bravo, and they even had a professional male model as a spy within the contestants, it was good.

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