!! OMG, we want answers! Why was Willam disqualified? !!

After this week’s Drag Race in which front-runner Willam Belli was disqualified, one of the most searched topics on Google has to be “What did Willam do?!” For their part, World of Wonder — which produces the show — asked the queen to address some of the rumors surrounding her departure:
Was it heroin?
Yes. Please. Do you have some?
(Laughs nervously) No. Was it Adderall? Is that what made you nauseous?
I do have ADD, and yes, I have a perscription for Adderall. That’s not the reason I was disqualified, though.
Did you go shopping for designer clothes or have outside help buying items for the challenges?
We went on regular shopping trips and were encouraged to wear our own things, so no.
I know: You were sleeping with someone on the set.
Just one?
So coy! I guess we’ll have to wait for the reunion special to find out just why Willam got dah boot.

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9 Comments on "OMG, we want answers! Why was Willam disqualified?"

  1. i’m a man faced jerk with zero talent. millions of views on youtube of my original songs attest to this sad, sad fact.
    p.s. it was hormones- TESTOSTERONE

  2. I was glad to see Willam go, he was such a self centered, low talent jerk. He’s not half the queen he thinks he is, and people that say others are haters for not thinking he’s talented, that’s such a lame, tired old excuse. Max Mutchnick wasn’t impressed by him one bit, and neither was I.

  3. I heard he was disqualified for blogging about the show. The vomiting had nothing to do with the disqualification. He mixed his medication of Adderall and alcohol and that’s why he threw up. But who cares he sucked!

  4. I love Willam. Unadulterated entertainment. Would I choose him as a friend or confidant, maybe not, but those who think he’s not talented are haters just like that whiney, PhiPhi. If you are a true queen, you do you. Let the others be.

  5. Who cares! I live in West Hollywood, and William is a jerk. He thinks he is a dainty woman, but looks like a man wearing daytime over the counter make up. He needs to learn make up to transform his face into a womans face. AND, stop being a JERK!

  6. I think it could be due to possibly recycling looks. There is one look he had during the show, that was exactly the same from the Rihanna video.

  7. Who cares? He was, in my opinion, one of the least talented and was too full of himself and his esteemed acting career, for my liking. I was THRILLED when he was booted.

  8. I never watch the reunion episodes cuz they’re nothing but a cat fight and bitch fest. This sounds like a ploy to get more viewers. Will they string us along and then never say anything?

  9. My husband is an editor on the show and he says they don’t reveal why he was dismissed on any of the regular episodes….. BUT they very well could at the reunion.

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