!! OMG, we want answers! Why was Willam disqualified? !!

After this week’s Drag Race in which front-runner Willam Belli was disqualified, one of the most searched topics on Google has to be “What did Willam do?!” For their part, World of Wonder — which produces the show — asked the queen to address some of the rumors surrounding her departure:
Was it heroin?
Yes. Please. Do you have some?
(Laughs nervously) No. Was it Adderall? Is that what made you nauseous?
I do have ADD, and yes, I have a perscription for Adderall. That’s not the reason I was disqualified, though.
Did you go shopping for designer clothes or have outside help buying items for the challenges?
We went on regular shopping trips and were encouraged to wear our own things, so no.
I know: You were sleeping with someone on the set.
Just one?
So coy! I guess we’ll have to wait for the reunion special to find out just why Willam got dah boot.