!! OMG, What a Bummer: 25 Years of TV Gaiety !!

Don’t you hate it when you’re having outrageous homosexual intercourse and a little boy walks in on you?! Gross, plus you’re probably going to jail! How about when you’re all ready to jump some shirtless stud’s bones and end up with nothing more than a long, sensuous embrace thanks to those fussy old Standards and Practices prudes? Being a TV gay can be such a drag!
(Thanks to Veg for the tip.)

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8 Comments on "OMG, What a Bummer: 25 Years of TV Gaiety"

  1. Fail to see the bummer (except in Desperate housewives…a little to familiar). Love Jack Coleman!!

  2. WOW … how quickly we forget. Loved the clip but was saddened by a couple of omissions. Honorable mentions need to go to
    1. Dr Jon Fielding and Michael Tolliver in Tales of the City (that 90’s kiss people forget coz it was set in the 7o’s).
    2. Will and Jack (…and many partners) Will & Grace (for some people they’re forgotten coz they’re too camp),
    & 3 Jacks first kiss on Dawsons Creek spontaneous and cheered on buy Grams and Jen, or his Last kiss when we find out in the last episode that Deputy Doug is stepping out of the closet to help him raise Maya!

  3. The 80’s clips are WAY hotter.

  4. OMG! That little boy was River Phoenix! Who knew Billy Campbell played gay twice??? Fun clip.

  5. No, not a bummer at all! We’ve come along way. Even “I Love Lucy” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” had their straight married couples sleeping in twin beds back in the days of those shows. We may have along way to go, but be happy with the progress that’s been made. I for one never thought I’d see gay marriage, done so well, on TV in my lifetime.

  6. All things considered, that’s a lot of progress in a fairly short time –
    lots of progress yet to go, of course, but we ought to be careful to remain appreciative of the progress that has been made so far, even as we work to become fully equal.

  7. omg. thanks. i love the motif of closing curtains or closing doors before the men kiss (replete with crescendos of music). ha! the saddest, saddest clip was from that 1984 tv movie serial CELEBRITY when the teenage boy catches his caregiver having sex (off-screen) in the room of the beach house. every time is see this i cry inside after watching the “disgust” on that teenager’s face. i wonder what the characters were doing…hmmm…

  8. wasn’t there a gay kiss in the 90’s? I feel like there was, but man that Brothers and Sisters show was SO good, I totally teared just now….mainly because the gay brother was a douchebag and didn’t deserve that totally cute and nice guy that he got to marry. yes I’m jealous of a fictional tv character.

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