!! OMG, what a deal: Pornobook G4 !!

Sometimes I get worried about all paranoid about the porn on my computer. One time I was in a meeting and opted to “Restore Previous Session” when I opened Firefox and up popped some full-screen-peen.
But someone on eBay is using their collected porn to their advantage:

This is a like new Powerbook G4
there’s only one light scratch on the bottom part of the case, but it’s hard to see from the pictures. The LCD still works, no dead pixels, no heavy darkness etc.

Includes over 50 full length porn movies (100 hours)
From such producers as Digital Playground, Brazzers, Vivid, etc.

I’d say that computer is worth double its original value.

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3 Comments on "OMG, what a deal: Pornobook G4"

  1. Like instead of all that free shit they ship dells with? Totally. Maybe they could give you a choice to switch your free antivirus subscription for like Randy Blue for a few months too.

  2. Yeah and I’m sure all that porn is legally licensed. I couldn’t see buying a used computer unless I was going to wipe it and reload it regardless. The previous owner or their spouse or who knows who could have a keystroke logger installed that would silently record and transmit your bank account details, or there was even that incident where a guy was loading hidden software that let him remotely watch whatever the webcam on the portable could see. A used laptop full of ‘free’ porn? I’d pass.

  3. Why can’t someone sell me a computer that comes pre-loaded with porn?

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