!! OMG, what a load of bull: Bret Easton Ellis thinks Matt Bomer can’t play it straight !!


Congratulations, Bret Easton Ellis, you are officially the biggest a-hole d-bag on Twitter. Or anywhere, for that matter. The “American Psycho” writer has issued a string of tweets calling out actor Matt Bomer as an inappropriate choice to play Christian Grey in the inevitable film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” (Even though, you know, it’s all just speculation at this point.) His reasoning? That Bomer is married to a man, so audiences couldn’t possibly imagine him playing a straight character… like he does on his hugely successful USA show, “White Collar.” Like, seriously, STFU.
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17 Comments on "OMG, what a load of bull: Bret Easton Ellis thinks Matt Bomer can’t play it straight"

  1. He is right. The book is geared towards women so a straight actor should play the lead to bring in box office numbers. As far as acting ability goes, Bomer has what it takes. I think this is where people are misunderstanding Ellis. He’s not saying Bomer can’t play straight, he’s saying he shouldn’t as it’s “too big a game.”

  2. oh but it’s provocative, brave and oscar-worthy when a straight man plays a gay role?? GTFO!!

  3. He’s not right for the part, but not because he’s gay. I just don’t think he has the gravitas to pull it off and IMHO he’s not all that attractive. Great for other roles, but as a “charming” leading man a la Cary Grant. Too suave for this role.

  4. Ummm…How about NPH playing Man Whore Barney for how many seasons of How I Met Your Mother? If a straight man can play a gay man, then a gay man can definitely play a straight man. Duh.

  5. Is Easton Ellis even attached to the project? If not, who cares what he thinks. If he is, who cares what he thinks.

  6. I agree with him & I’m gay.
    This role should go to an actor who is either known to be heterosexual.
    Audiences will resonate with a straight actor much more than an an openly gay actor in a role like this.
    It’s just business.
    People are so sensitive…

  7. Ellis trying desperately to stay relevant… Yet again

  8. I am a female and I honestly would like to see a hetero in this role. Only for my own fantasy, of course. It is hard to imagine a gay man wanting me sexually, so the fantasy factor is daunted for me with a gay man as Grey.
    Feel free to disagree, don’t care.

  9. Oh I’m a huge fan of his books, and thought him to be one of the fairly intelligent people on the planet. I guess he is not. What a bummer. What narrowminded obvious bullshit. It’s called acting for a reason, doooood 🙂

  10. Right, Bret. Just like audiences couldn’t possibly imagine openly straight actor Heath Ledger playing a gay character in “Brokeback Mountain.”

  11. Of course openly gay actors can play “straight” characters. That’s why they call it ACTING. Silly. But I don’t think Matt is the best choice for Christian. I say Ian Somerhalder without a doubt. And Emma Watson as Anastasia would be perfection.

  12. The biggest a-hole d-bag anywhere? Surely it’s Bryan Fischer…

  13. Bret’s about as relevant as the buggy whip; what a gobsmacked git.

  14. One more reason to dislike BEE. Why is he even weighing in on this?

  15. Well yeah, no surprise there, he’s a huge asshole.
    But the real question is, who would want to watch this tripe anyway?

  16. I agree that Bomer isn’t good casting for Grey, but not because he’s gay (or unconvincing as stright, because he certainly can be). Bomer is a hundred times more the Superman-type than the dark (to me, creepy) Grey. No slight to Bomer (who has been fantastic in all this TV roles), it would just be bad casting.

  17. he’s obviously given Matt Bomer a LOT of thought.

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