!! OMG, What a Total Idiot: Christine O’Donnell !!

One important characteristic of the lunatic politicians here in the US known as the Tea Partiers is their slavish obsession with an imaginary document known as “The Constitution” which has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution of the United States. Of course, the actual Constitution is something that they know less than shit about.
This was never more clear than this morning, when spooky Republican Senate candidate Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell, in a debate with opponent Chris Coons, expressed complete shock that the separation of Church and State is actually in her precious Constitution! (She always thought “The Constitution” referred to the big picture of cartoon Jesus that hangs over her cauldron.)
CBS News reports:

Coons said that creationism, which he considers “a religious doctrine,” should not be taught in public schools due to the Constitution’s First Amendment. He argued that it explicitly enumerates the separation of church and state.

“The First Amendment does?” O’Donnell asked. “Let me just clarify: You’re telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?”

“Government shall make no establishment of religion,” Coons responded, reciting from memory the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (Coons was off slightly: The first amendment actually reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”)

“That’s in the First Amendment…?” O’Donnell responded.

When asked to cite the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments, Ms. O’Donnell traced a picture of her hand. (“Oh yeah, I drew a beak on my thumb there. Oh! It’s a turkey! It must’ve been the holidays,” O’Donnell clarified upon further questioning.)
PS You should really watch this video, because while it’s long, the transcript doesn’t begin to do it justice.
[CBS News]

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16 Comments on "OMG, What a Total Idiot: Christine O’Donnell"

  1. What an ignorant fool but I am not surprised, what’s interesting to me is how some people actually buy into what she is saying, she says she dabbled in witchcraft and of course people are ignorant enough to believe that, I am sorry but she was not and never will be a witch, witches don’t believe in satan, witches don’t have satanic alters , satanists do!, I just find it sad that in 2010 that the one religion or one spiritual faith that promotes peace and love, and no harm for none, is the one that is still so misunderstood by so many , the ignorant non believers are just as corrupt, and closed minded as the religious fanatics !!

  2. My god she’s an idiot! You’re a political candidate and you don’t know the basics of the Constitution? You didn’t bring yours with you? WTF does that mean?
    Not all Americans want her and the tea party’s mumbo jumbo religious crap taught in the public school system. It has no place there. She acts so smug on the outside but you know inside of her massive head there’s just wind blowing.
    She’s like George Bush’s illegitimate test tube baby gone wrong. Then again I’m not so sure he wasn’t a test tube baby gone wrong. Burn all stupid witches and leave the educated, masturbating ones to teach evolution!

  3. That turkey bit’s from Strangers with Candy!

  4. Cheers to the Strangers With Candy reference.
    Good times…

  5. “UMMMM… actually the first amendment addresses the rights of freedom of religion and is associated with separation of church and state, a concept advocated by Thomas Jefferson.”
    I like how you tossed “associated with separation of church and state” in there, as if it’s something official, when her entire point is that it’s not in there the way people often imply.
    Also, way to go, author of this blog entry, for completely failing to point out that when her opponent was asked to name the Five Freedoms the First Amendment guarantees us, could only name one. But I guess making fun of him won’t bring in search engine traffic and/or isn’t convenient for you, politically.

  6. She’s a witch.
    Burn her.

  7. you leftist morons haters have no idea what you are talking about. O’donnell is making the point that stupid lefties don’t even know what’s in the constitution. they just spew ignorant groupthink and demean people they are threatened by. and she made her point perfectly, spin it all you want, she won and you, and all the law students in that room, look stupid.

  8. UMMMM… actually the first amendment addresses the rights of freedom of religion and is associated with separation of church and state, a concept advocated by Thomas Jefferson.

  9. Really? This is what US debates are about? Really?
    Evolution is scientific fact. This isn’t even a debate in Australian schools. I went to a Catholic school and evolution was taught as fact and creationism was taught in religion as a story!
    There wasn’t even the slightest notion of anything else. Except when we laugh at how stupid Americans are.

  10. ok, fair enough HG…

  11. Bmad, I think you may actually be an idiot. But not because of what you say about Christine O’Donnell (which is entirely true). I think you’re an idiot because you’re trying to reason with a conservative nutjob (kyle). Don’t seek reason where it can’t be found. 😉
    You know what doesn’t fit in kyle’s “narrative?” Any of the embarrassing gaffes O’Donnell has made that reveal her to be overwhelmingly stupid.
    And if kyle is gay, which he most likely is reading this blog, then he shouldn’t really be attempting to argue for an establishment of tea party religion, since various glimpses into tea party culture have revealed them to be virulently homophobic.
    But I have always associated conservative gays with self-loathing incarnate.

  12. also, kyle, after listening to the debate, it’s pretty clear that Coons simply didn’t have a chance to answer b/c of the way O’Donnell is badgering him. any fool can at least tell you that the first amendment guarantees free speech.

  13. kyle, from the way she says it, it does in fact appear from her tone of voice and expression that she has no idea what the first amendment says.
    i didn’t see where coons was quizzed about the first amendment but i would be astonished if anyone past sixth grade in the US couldn’t name at least three of the five guaranteed freedoms in the first amendment– especially since they’re talking about one of them (religion). but maybe i’m wrong!
    also, christine o’donnell is clearly a complete idiot.

  14. well, there you go. She is right wing. you’re claiming she doesn’t know what is in the constitution and that she’s an “idiot,” when she is asking “where is it in the constitution” as in “point it out” and that is obvious. She is not saying she is unaware of what is in the first amendment. you love swallow left wing talking points and regurgitate them on here. meanwhile, ignoring, as i pointed out earlier, the fact that the democrat couldn’t name the five freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment.

  15. dear kyle, while you lay out a a standard right wing lunatic talking point, hundreds of years of jurisprudence has clearly interpreted the establishment clause to = separation of church and state. just because those exact words are not used doesn’t mean that that isn’t the intent.

  16. OMG: what a total idiot: you
    the first amendment doesn’t say anything about separation of church and state. it says that the government cannot establish an “official” religion. not exactly the same. In fact there is a huge difference. religion is permitted to be a part of government. Government just cannot claim an “official” religion.
    The scary thing in this clip is that the audience laughs. Separation of church and state is NOT in the constitution.
    Where is your clip of Coons not being able to name the five freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment? his ignorance doesn’t fit into your narrative, so you refuse to acknowledge it. grow up.

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